How do I start my own fashion business?

As with most things in life, it costs money starting a fashion company! You will have to take the time to build accurate estimates of how much it would cost to start and keep your business going. It will also be important to start figuring out where the startup capital comes from once you have started that process. A word of advice is to multiply what you think it would cost you to manage your company by 10 for good measure, so you’re able to do whatever it takes to make it financially.

Many of recent mainstream fashion tycoons use the following tips to start the fashion business. They’ll work for you if put to

The first step

is to start Myspace, or Facebook, with a social networking page. Be sure to let your page know you are in the fashion business. Ask people to apply their clothing designs to you, to incorporate them into your clothing collection. To get that word out, add as many people as you can!

The second step

is starting a t-shirt company. To link to your social networking account, you may wish to start a web page. I highly recommend tiptop websites if you prefer a paid site. You’ve then placed links on your t-shirts that guide people to your web page. When you’ve got t-shirts posted on your website, leave your friends comments and let them know you’ve got some cool t-shirts for sale, and provide the connection.

table with magazinesThe third stage

is when you start selling t-shirts. Next, you contact the people who have the best ideas and make a deal to share the profits with them. Now you’re gathering all your clothing designs and choosing the best ones.

At this point you can contact a local sewing shop or search for some online and have them for your clothing line to make your new garments. You list them for sale, along with your t-shirts, on your web page as the garments are made. The t-shirt links will guide more customers to your website. Now you’re going to start sending emails to the clothing store managers and give them bulk discounts on your products. Give them a link to your website to have them check you out. They’ll be talking about you the first time they see someone wearing one of your t-shirts.